Looking for that extra athletic edge? Origin’s athletic programming focuses on strength, speed, agility, power and injury prevention. Our trainer’s have helped high school and college athletes excel in a variety of sports. Many of our trainers are former varsity and collegiate athletes themselves. Helping our athletes grow in their sports is a source of fulfillment. Origin’s training programs build the physical and mental toughness needed for competition. Off season as well as modified in-season programming is available.

Our athletes are a source of pride at Origin, and some of those we have trained include:

  • D1 Men’s Hockey Player in a Top 5 Nationally ranked D1 Hockey Program
  • Top 5 Nationally and Internationally ranked Jr. Olympic fencer
  • 2 time state champion high school varsity soccer players
  • 11 year old athlete who began training to overcome leg stress fractures and ended up committing, as a high school sophomore, to an Ivy League D1 field hockey program

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