Athletes are a source of pride at Origin. Some of those we’ve trained include:

  • A D1 Men’s Hockey Player in a Top 5 Nationally ranked D1 Hockey Program
  • A Top 5 Nationally and Internationally ranked Jr. Olympic fencer
  • National Champion male and female fencers
  • 2 time State Champion high school varsity soccer players
  • An 11-year-old athlete who began training to overcome leg stress fractures and ended up committing, as a high school sophomore, to an Ivy League D1 field hockey program
  • A standout high school athlete who committed during his sophomore year to a D1 college baseball program.

Notes from an Origin client:

My daughter broke the speed limit on the field today!  Two other girls were closer to the loose ball and my daughter came from pretty far away at a full sprint and reached ahead/with them.  We were all watching and she was going “80” while the others were at “60” miles per hour.

Her game is much more aggressive.  She is taking risks and deferring less.  She took more shots on goal than in any practice I can remember.  And she did not feel bad (ie thinking that she was being selfish or missing etc).  Her physicality is so much stronger and it comes from having a confident mentality.

Please keep doing what you are doing.”


Build your competitive edge with Origin’s specialized small group and private athlete training. Expertly train your strength, speed, agility, power and injury prevention, and that’s simply your beginning. Strength and energy systems development is rounded out with strategic and tactical game planning and the mindset needed to put it quickly into play. Like our athletes, you will develop the mental toughness, quick thinking and confidence needed for competition.

Go “80” with Origin, While Others Go “60”

As an athlete, when you choose to train at Origin, you become a part of the Origin team. From day one, our focus is on your success. Success isn’t just made on the training floor. In addition to our expert training, we further personalize your protocol to include success factors outside of the training floor. How do we do this?

  • Origin limits the number of training slots reserved for athletes so that each athlete receives personal attention.
  • Our athletes receive comprehensive nutrition programs (nutrition is an area in which many of our athletes have needed improvement).
  • We create healthy habits for our athletes’ everyday lives to further their success.
  • We expect accountability and regularly check in on our athletes’ progress outside of the gym.

“My 13-year-old plays sports, is Type 1 diabetic and needed some external motivation to eat well and exercise the right way. The only person I knew with the tool set to teach her is Cisco. After a few months at Origin, she has finally started to adopt some of his teachings. Her decision to make good choices is now coming from within her.” – Stephanie M.

Origin’s difference is our focus and delivery. When you commit to Origin’s process, you commit to your progress.

Outperform your competition.

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