Congratulations to Origin Student Athletes and 2017 National Fencing Champions Chase Emmer & Zander Rhodes!!


Champions walk among us!

Congratulations to Origin student athletes and 2017 National Fencing Champions Chase Emmer & Zander Rhodes!! This summer they became top fencers in the nation when Chase took first place in the Y12 Men’s Foil Championships and Zander won the Y14 Women’s Foil Championships at the 2017 USA Fencing Nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“I’ve seen immense growth in all areas during Chase’s and Zander’s years of training at Origin,” says Cisco Javier, their chief strength and conditioning coach and Origin founder. “They are, and have been, champions. Being a champion means more than just winning. It means you have a higher standard of excellence for yourself, a higher work ethic, higher drive, resilience and patience to endure suffering in the pursuit of a goal. A champion relishes competition and is willing to put everything on the line. The outcome is irrelevant, it’s the desire to pursue what you become in the process. The work and the effort is its own reward to a champion. That’s how a champion wins. Everything else is a bonus.”

Congratulations Chase and Zander on continuing to realize your potential through your hard work and discipline!