Congratulations to Origin’s Junior Athlete Chase Emmer!

Congratulations to 12 year-old Origin junior athlete Chase Emmer on winning a bronze medal in his first cadet fencing tournament at Mission Fencing Regional Junior & Cadet Circuit (RJCC) in Rocky Point, Long Island.

A study in hard work and dedication, Chase (second from right, picture below) now qualifies to participate in The Junior Olympics in February 2017.

Looking for inspiration? Then read on for Chase’s story:

Chase Emmer


Chase had been fencing for years, but last season, he began experiencing migraines and resultant partial vision loss. As expected, his fencing performance suffered from these issues. While he recovered and continued fencing, he also began training at Origin Health & Fitness to improve his fencing strength and endurance.

This fall, he decided to enter his first cadet fencing tournament. Not only was he coming off of his physical health issues, but he was the youngest and shortest competitor in his event. Per his mother, Natalin, “We weren’t sure if Chase would qualify to compete in The Junior Olympics this year because he was so young and recovering from the partial vision loss caused by his migraines. We didn’t expect much from this first RJCC tournament. It was a test to see how much we needed to do for future RJCCs. Chase was also the youngest and shortest competitor in the men’s cadet foil event. But, in the end, it didn’t matter because he showed he was well trained physically and mentally. He surprised us all by winning a bronze medal and qualifying for the Junior Olympics!”

“After only a short time training at Origin Fitness, we can’t believe Chase’s progress and strength. Cisco was able to get Chase at a higher level of training and directly impacted his performance on the fencing strip.”

A particular coaching point from Cisco resonated with Chase throughout it all, “If you can endure the challenge of physical hardship and mental hardship in training, then competition is a piece of cake.”

Chase is now focused on training for the October and November North American Cups (NAC).


Congratulations on your win, Chase. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We applaud you on taking that step, training hard and remaining dedicated to excellence. The sky is the limit.